vocational preparation at school

Already during school time: Intensive preparation for later professional life

Already during school time, it is important to dare to think outside the box and to deal with how things can continue afterwards. Apart from the BOGY internship (vocational and study orientation at the general secondary schools) prescribed in Baden-Württemberg, which takes place in class 9, we at the Schloss-Schule try to convey a high degree of career orientation to our students every school year through various cross-grade support concepts, which we would like to briefly introduce here.

In the run-up to the eight-day BOGY internship, the correct writing of application letters and CVs is practiced in the school's own subject "Methods", so that nothing stands in the way of a formally correct application for an internship or a later training place. In this context, students of our school get the opportunity to write a first application for an internship in class.

Furthermore, with our first day of study in grade 9, an entire school day in October is dedicated to career orientation. On the one hand, our students complete a self-assessment test, through which they learn a lot about potentially suitable occupational fields based on their strengths, talents and abilities. On the other hand, a training for job interviews takes place here, in which we are supported by external experts from regional companies (Baden-Württemberg). In the course of this, our students also get an insight into possible recruitment tests of companies.

Our intention is that students of our school also experience in this context what is paid attention to in working life, what they should bring from school and where it is worthwhile to "hone" themselves and their abilities.

Our cooperations with companies in the surrounding area provide our students with various opportunities for their internships, also in the MINT field.
In the internship reports to be written after the internship, we attach great importance to self-reflection. In addition to the subject methods and the study day, the first experiences in working life are also prepared or followed up in the subject Of Economics / Career and Study Orientation (WBS).

Zusätzlich erfolgt an unserer Schule in den Klassen 8, 10, 11 und 12 eine Berufsberatung in Zusammenarbeit mit der Bundesagentur für Arbeit, in welcher auch individuelle Gesprächstermine möglich sind. Darüber hinaus kommt auch in regelmäßigen Abständen jemand von der Arbeitsagentur zu uns an die Schloss-Schule, zur Studien- und Berufsberatung.

Eine weitere Möglichkeit zur beruflichen Orientierung ist das Sozialpraktikum in Klasse 10.

Furthermore, the Schloss-Schul-Verein offers a career information evening for the course level, where regional companies and universities are invited as well as old students talk about their professional vita. On school Saturdays, the pupils of the upper school can also take advantage of the opportunity offered by the Schloss-Schul-Verein to receive voluntary individual counselling (SOBS strengths-oriented career and study counselling) on request.

Regardless of the career and study orientation options listed here, our students of grade 8 take part in the nationwide action day "Girls and Boys Day" and the students of course level II in the nationwide Unitag for the upper school.