The "factory" of the Schloss-Schule

The "fabrik" is our cultural and workshop centre and was founded at the beginning of the eighties, when the former Benner ski factory was acquired in order to gain space for our school for craft and art lessons, but also for public performances and events at our grammar school boarding.

The plans for the "factory" were developed internally at the school and realized together with students, parents and local craftsmen.

Financially supported by the Baden-Württemberg Robert Bosch Foundation from Stuttgart and scientifically accompanied by the Academy for Educational Reform of the University of Tübingen, the "fabrik" was handed over to the public in 1986.

In the "fabrik", the children of the lower school can develop in our school subject "Craft and Design", be it pottery or woodworking and give free rein to their creativity in the cooking and theatre group.

On Tuesdays, the so-called "Tuesday evenings" with public lectures, concerts and theatre performances take place at irregular intervals.

The program of the "fabrik" is co-planned and co-organized by groups of students.

The "factory" of the school is not to be found on the school grounds but in Birkenstraße.

Theatre, music & culture at the school

Theatre work has played an important role at the Schloss-Schule for decades. In the three theatre working groups, 60 to 80 pupils are regularly engaged, who are looked after by teachers with many years of inner- and extracurricular theatre experience and partly older pupils.
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The groups of the lower and middle school usually develop plays from the field of children's and youth theatre, the upper school group shows scenic collages or full-length plays. In principle, all interested parties - regardless of their acting talents - are welcome when working in the group and in the role often reveal skills that lie dormant in everyday and extracurral life within and outside of school.

The groups meet at least once a week in the theatre hall of the "fabrik" to practice, do handicrafts and organise; in addition to the development of body and voice expression and roles , texts are rewritten or created by yourself, technology, props and stage design are discussed and designed. Especially in this area, cooperations often take place at the school between students of different ages, with colleagues from the fields of music, visual arts and technology, with parents, with extracurricular institutions and organizations.

The exchange with other schools also plays an important role and the theatre groups of the Schloss-Schule repeatedly take part in school theatre days, where the children and young people meet with pupils from other grammar schools and secondary schools.

In addition, our school offers students in grades 11 and 12 the school subject "Literature and Theatre", which is taught for two years and can be chosen as an Abitur examination subject. Above all, theatre pedagogical and theatre theory focuses are set here.

The Department of Music at the Gymnasium Schloss-Schule Kirchberg is divided into a teaching part and a working group area.

As a teaching subject, music is offered consistently from grades 5 to 12 in accordance with the guidelines of the state of Baden-Württemberg. Since 1988, music has been represented at the school almost continuously as an Abitur subject, initially as an advanced course, now as an inclination subject. We want to comprehensively promote special musical talents – as well as in the field of visual arts.

For grades 5 and 6, there has been the opportunity to participate in the wind class for several years as an alternative to school music lessons . Here, the students receive small group lessons in the chosen instrument; at the same time, in the overall rehearsal of the wind class, they experience the joy of making music together at school and learn to fit into a large community with their own important and indispensable role.

The working group area of our boarding Gymnasium is structured in many ways: the offer ranges from the school choir, in which students from grade 7 and teachers sing together, to an instrumental playing circle and the clarinet group to the big band of the school. All working groups as well as the wind class enrich the school's musical life, such as . B the regular school and Christmas concerts.

Opportunities for interested students to practice are available both in the respective classrooms (for melody instruments) and in the two music rooms (for piano and percussion). The theatre hall of the Schloss-Schule has a grand piano and a complete drum set. In the 96sqm music and multimedia hall - with acoustic ceiling, Dolby Surround 7.1 system and full-size video screen - there is an acoustic (Grotrian stone path) and a digital piano. For particularly talented pianists, a very good Steinway grand piano (model A) is available.

Crafts & Design at the Schloss-Schule

Living, learning, working – our Castle School motto already clearly shows that craftsmanship and technical understanding are a focal point in the development of our students.

For us and our high school, "working" means boarding becoming familiar with a wide variety of materials and working techniques in our own workshops.

In NwT (Science and Technology), for example, students of our school deal with robotics, CAD programming, board construction, bridge construction or astronomy in the individual grades.

In technology, our school focuses on wood and metalworking, but also pottery, cooking and sewing .

Overall, our Schloss-Schule offers a wide range of services in the field of "Crafts & Technology", which responds to the individual abilities of each student and thus enables an expansion of the spectrum of knowledge and a sense of achievement.