The profile subject Natural Science & Technology

NwT is a scientific profile subject with a focus on technology. The idea on which the subject NwT is based is to realize technical and scientific projects and to convey the theoretical basics.

Why should I choose NwT as my profile subject?

  • Changeable
  • project oriented
  • reference to everyday life
  • development of various products
  • Practical work
  • Foretaste of technical and scientific professions

What should I bring with me for NwT as a profile subject?

  • scientific interest
  • Enjoy hands-on work
  • Fun programming
  • operational readiness
  • Independence
  • Teamwork

The AQuaPRe model

With the help of the AQuAPRe model, the students are first qualified in order to then apply their knowledge in the production of a product.

Didactic basics: Design of action-oriented lessons using the model of the wind pump

Personal Skills

The focus of development is on products, in the classroom this can be, for .B, machines, measuring equipment, algorithms or a program code.

Research means consistently taking a scientific approach to the search for findings. Students are learning to divide increasingly open and complex problems into research questions and to investigate them in a targeted manner. They further develop their competence in the planning, implementation, evaluation and documentation of investigations.

Demanding tasks in development and research require an open, project-like and at the same time division of labor. The students learn to structure and work on projects more and more independently and less and less guided and to organize themselves more and more efficiently in the team.

Maturity involves recognizing and evaluating connections. In class, the students get to know problems and solutions in different areas and develop thinking in systems and processes.

class 8

  • Construction of a functional crane model (woodworking)
  • Introduction to Technical Drawing
  • Fundamentals of mechanics and statics
  • Function of a microcontroller using the Arduino as an example
  • Introduction to the programming of the Arduino
  • Basics of electrical circuits
  • Research project using the Arduino

9th grade projects

  • Electronic control of the crane model using the Arduino
  • Construction of a vehicle with gearbox and electric motor
  • How the gearbox works
  • Deepening the topic of electrical circuits
  • Construction of a photometer
  • Implementation of a research project using the self-made photometer

10th grade projects

  • Construction of a functional wind pump
  • Application of regenerative energy sources
  • Determination and optimization of the efficiency of the wind pump
  • Design using the 3D CAD program Fusion 360
  • Construction of a weather station (CAD design and 3D printing of the housing, measurement with the Arduino)