NawiPat - Science school sponsorships

Since the school year 2019 / 2020, the concept "NawiPat" takes place at the Schloss-Schule Kirchberg once a year. The aim is to support primary schools in the introduction of scientific experiments through sponsorships with secondary schools. The program also serves to get to know a secondary school and thus takes away fears when the primary school students leave school. Older students as mentors benefit from learning through teaching. The whole thing takes place as part of the social internship of grade 9 at the Schloss-Schule.

In advance, the students of the 9th grade work out various experiments on given topics and create workbooks with questionnaires for the primary school students.

Experiments can be, for example:

  • Building a circuit to make an incandescent lamp glow
  • Multiple choice questions on the subject of solar energy as a drive
  • Filtration of "dirty water"
  • Experiments on the solubility of various solids
  • Electrical conductivity of various materials

These experiments then guide the primary school pupils in groups through the rooms of chemistry, physics and biology. They read, try out, experiment and discover a lot of new things. The aim is to arouse and strengthen the students' curiosity about scientific phenomena and to create an amazement at seemingly everyday things. Of course, the Schloss-Schul sponsors are on hand with help and advice, guide the primary school pupils and provide assistance.
The Schloss-Schul-Paten are required to independently put the theory into practice and take responsibility for the implementation and implementation with the primary school pupils.

The whole program is framed by the chauffeur service with the castle school buses, with which the primary school students are picked up and brought back again, as well as the great catering program by the housekeeping of the castle school.