What distinguishes our boarding school

Goals & Values at Gymnasium boarding Schloss-Schule Kirchberg

A grammar school and boarding in which children and young people feel comfortable and can optimally develop their talents - that's us: The Schloss-Schule in Kirchberg an der Jagst in Baden-Württemberg, founded in 1914.

The boarding school, which is supported by a non-profit foundation, is state-recognized and ideologically unbound. In everyday school life, we pay particular attention to a tolerant and open approach to each other. In our diverse, international community, the social skills of children and young people are strengthened and friendships for life are formed!

Learning at the boarding Gymnasium Schloss-Schule means learning for life in a special feel-good climate and developing personally. We specifically support our students in optimally developing their individual abilities and maturing into an independent and responsible personality.

In order to determine the respective potentials and to define funding opportunities geared to them precisely, it is above all necessary and important for us at the boarding Gymnasium to create a basis of trust. Mutual appreciation, empathy and commitment, pedagogical skills and extensive experience form the basis for a targeted exchange with the students.
A very important task is to sharpen the self-perception of the students and to strengthen the willingness to actively support the individual development plan.

With our innovative concepts , we focus on sustainable learning for the students at the boarding school. They are also optimally prepared for their future path through strength-oriented vocational and study preparations .

Our boarding Gymnasium Schloss-Schule Kirchberg is a place to find and develop one's own passions, to develop personally through individual care in the community and to take advantage of opportunities that arise.

Our atmosphere can best be described by the following keywords:

  • Feel-good climate
  • Esteem
  • warmth
  • Family atmosphere
  • Down-to-earthness
  • cosmopolitanism

The ultimate goal at the Gymnasium boarding Schloss-Schule Kirchberg is to optimally accompany each individual student on the way to a fulfilled and successful (adult) life. Our teachers, educators and staff are committed to this every day and ensure that our children and young people experience a lively, inspiring and varied school time in which they can expand their talents and talents individually and concretely - true to our guiding principle "Life. Learn. Arbeiten".

For me, in retrospect, the special support of the boarding school management and the mentors, especially in demanding personal situations, should be emphasized. They woke me up, so to speak, brought me into reality and helped me to take the helm back into my own hands. I was able to develop into an independent personality here. What I also like is that I was able to talk about all topics with my mentor. This brings you closer together and creates a familiar and friendly atmosphere.

Former student Margot Felker

Internationality at our school - An enrichment for everyone

Globalization is lived in the boarding in Baden-Württemberg

Globalization – probably one of the most formative terms of our time. Through the Internet and digital media, the world has become a village.

What could be more obvious than to realize that people from different countries and thus languages and diverse cultures also meet at the Gymnasium boarding Schloss-Schule Kirchberg. To gain one's own experiences with other children, adolescents and pupils, for example from the Arab, Asian or European part of the world, at a young age broadens the horizon immensely; international encounters help to understand that there are several perspectives on many topics and areas that need to be considered and worth considering. International school partnerships and exchange with Poland, France and England round off our concept at the boarding school.

International students at our boarding school - the big world on a small scale

Our concept of intercultural education and upbringing is visible and tangible at the boarding school both in daily lessons and in leisure time for all our students of the Schloss-Schule Kirchberg. Our employees are committed and fully committed to leading German and international students to successful school degrees and, if possible, to give them access to university studies, for example by means of a high school diploma.

"The Schloss-Schule Kirchberg helped me with cultural integration and gave me a broad knowledge base for my subsequent studies here in Germany. I like to look back on the years in Kirchberg. There are so many memories and beautiful moments from the castle school time that I will never forget."

Jiaming Shi, former castle student from Shanghai

International diversity is one of the hallmarks of our boarding-Gymnasium Schloss-Schule. Here you live and work together as a team for success, regardless of whether you were born in China, Romania, Egypt, Mexico, Spain, Costa Rica, Germany or elsewhere in the world. The winged word of the global village has long since found its way into thinking, feeling and acting here in the boarding school Schloss-Schule Kirchberg.

Our boarding school l(i)ebt Internationality

The strong international orientation at our boarding Gymnasium Schloss-Schule Kirchberg is a wealth of experience that enriches many times - both for the German students and boarding school students as well as for the foreign students of our boarding school in Baden-Württemberg.

The boarding Gymnasium Schloss-Schule Kirchberg lives internationality and brings together people from different backgrounds for the benefit of all in Kirchberg.

Language courses at the boarding Gymnasium Schloss-Schule

The focus on internationality is rounded off by summer and autumn language courses for guest students lasting several weeks, which include additional German support in small groups as well as intensive support and leisure activities by our boarding.

The history of our boarding school in Baden-Württemberg

The Schloss-Schule Kirchberg was founded in 1914 by Karl Stracke as a junior level of the "Reform school Blaubeuren", renewed in 1917 by Rudolf Besser as a "reform school and country education home" and further developed in 1926 by Adolf Zoellner and Amalie Pfündel as "Württembergisches Landschulheim" in the tradition of Hermann Lietz.

For the first five decades, the Schloss-Schule Kirchberg high above the Jagst, in the north of Baden-Württemberg, was housed in the front wings of the princely Hohenlohe castle of Kirchberg.

Als die Evangelische Heimstiftung in den 1960er Jahren die gesamte Schlossanlage erwarb und als Alten- und Pflegeheim ausbaute, zog die Schloss-Schule Kirchberg unter Leitung von Amalie Pfündel und ihrem Sohn Albrecht in die neu errichteten Gebäude auf der „Windshöhe”.

Even today, our boarding school Schloss-Schule Kirchberg stands firmly between tradition and modernity on its new campus with a view of the city. The Schloss-Schule Kirchberg remains true to its original principles of reform pedagogy and aims to prepare students both academically and personally for the unique challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

Over 100 years of boarding school Schloss-Schule Kirchberg

Behind the long tradition of our Gymnasium boarding are many interesting faces and stories. For the 100th anniversary in 2014, we have compiled these in a detailed brochure which, in addition to retrospectives, also provides insights into new times.

Virtual tour of the history of the Schloss-Schule with history teacher Ralf Martius.