Partial scholarships from the Schloss School

With a wide range of talents for a school scholarship

Gifted students enrich school life, so we want to make our school and our boarding accessible to families who cannot afford a stay. We do not only attach importance to school talents, but also to other talents such as riding, painting, swimming, playing the piano, etc.

application documents (always with letter of motivation, CV and certificates) for all types of partial scholarships should be sent to:

Alexander Franz

Alexander Franz


Merit scholarship (general) for school

The merit scholarship is awarded to particularly high-performing students in a comprehensive school context. The decisive factor for this is the submission of a current secondary school transfer certificate with an overall grade point average of at least 1.5.

social grant

The social scholarship is awarded to students who have a special social commitment (proof of voluntary work or other social activities). In addition, the student must be willing to continue to contribute socially to the Schloss-Schule (e.B sponsorship for younger students, etc.).

Equestrian Scholarship

As a boarding school with a passion for horses , we offer talented children equestrian scholarships. For this purpose, sound knowledge and skills of the child in equestrian sports (e.B video with the corresponding disciplines) must be proven.

Island Talent Scholarship

The island gift scholarship is awarded to students who are demonstrably particularly gifted or talented in a certain area and should be specially supported in it. This special talent can be financially supported by a scholarship. Here we need proof of island indications.

Amalie-Pfündel-Scholarship of the Schloss-Schul-Verein

This scholarship is awarded by the Schloss-Schul-Verein to students who have high intellectual abilities and are willing to get particularly involved in school and boarding. A decision on this is made by the Castle School Association.