Experience free time at our boarding school and develop individually

Extensive range of leisure activities

The central mission statement of our boarding school Schloss-Schule Kirchberg is "Living, learning, working". To ensure that "learning" and "living" are balanced for optimal development, our boarding offers extensive leisure activities, which are of course also open to our local students.

Every student at our boarding Gymnasium of the 5th to 10th grade must commit to two working groups from a wide range of about 25 leisure activities  – one of which is a sports club. The course students must take a working group. The aim of our diverse offer is to promote the individual development of our students.

Discover new things and broaden your horizons through boarding and school

With these offers, we deepen the existing school offer and offer our students at the Gymnasium boarding the opportunity to pursue their special, perhaps just discovered interests in their free time. In this way, they can broaden their horizons, try themselves out and develop new skills – especially in areas that are not part of the general learning area.

We adults then often get to know the children from a completely different side, experience a teenager who is considered hyperactive as a captain in football or highly concentrated in playing chess and see reserved children revive at the theater .

The feedback that the children and young people receive in the working groups of the boarding school strengthens them and lets them learn that effort is worthwhile. These are experiences that often benefit their commitment and success in the classroom. With the variety of additional offers that the boarding Gymnasium offers the students, the requirement to take two working groups is not perceived as pressure. On the contrary, the boarding school students tend to have difficulties in accommodating their diverse interests in terms of time.

Of course, there are also one or the other student who has spent his free time so far, especially with the smartphone and who must first be "activated" with gentle pressure. But when he has exhausted himself in the team game at the end of the day, he often experiences himself in a completely new way.

Time for yourself despite boarding school?

School is important – but so is free time! If the school day lasts perhaps eight hours and homework has to be done in the working hour, a balance must be ensured. For spontaneous activities, various places are available on the grounds of school or boarding:

  • Climbing park and climbing wall
  • artificial pitch
  • Basketball basket
  • gym
  • Sauna.

Maybe you also feel like baking cakes and talking or just listening to music or reading.

Each student at the boarding school can dispose of his or her free time.

Why so much emphasis is placed on exercise at our gymnasium boarding

Today, children and young people spend most of their time at their desks! Studies sometimes come to 40 hours per week. And this despite the fact that numerous experts have sufficiently proven and known that cognitive performance can be increased above all by one thing: through exercise and sport!

A major role is played by the (compulsory) school sports as well as a variety of exercise offers at our Gymnasium boarding. In physical education, students can let off steam, switch off - and work on socialization in joint play and sports. Above all, however, physical activity supports academic performance. The students can go back to other work fresher and more concentrated.

Our focus is primarily on combining school and sport, so that the children bring both together optimally. For years, comprehensive leisure activities – in line with homework or working hours – have been part of our boarding school Baden-Württemberg program, whether climbing, football, judo or horseback riding. The talents of particularly athletic children and young people can be professionally promoted in the areas of equestrian sports  and Basketball at the boarding school Gymnasium Schloss-Schule Kirchberg.