Fitness & Wellness at the boarding school

Increasing the quality of life at the boarding school Schloss-Schule Kirchberg

For an adequate balance to the school, we offer our students in our boarding school their own gym and a sauna (gender-segregated use). At the Schloss-Schule, attention can be paid to a holistic lifestyle, geared towards the harmony of body and mind. A balanced diet, sufficient exercise, social contacts and relaxation play a decisive role in this. This also significantly influences resilience - i.e. resilience, self-preservation and the ability to recover and relax.

Active in sports in the boarding school's own fitness studio

Our gym in the boarding Gymnasium may be used by all students from the age of 16. All students under the age of 18 require parental permission and a medical certificate for use. On site there will be a briefing on the applicable rules of the gym as well as an introduction to the basic use of equipment and basic exercises for all inexperienced students of the boarding school. Our students are provided with a wide variety of equipment such as e.B.

  • elliptical cross trainer
  • exercise bike
  • Treadmill
  • dumbbells
  • Weight machines

available for sporting activities. Both for different variants of endurance training, but also for muscle building.

Relaxation in the sauna of the boarding school

The use of our sauna is possible for students from the age of 14, gender-separated and with at least three people. In our sauna room there are separate shower cabins and deck chairs available for relaxation.

Especially in winter, in cold temperatures, the sauna in our boarding school enjoys great popularity. A sauna stay gives warmth, detoxifies and can contribute significantly to the relaxation of body and mind and support the immune system. Afterwards, our showers invite you to cool off before our students can linger on the sun loungers and relax.

Of course, our gym and sauna can also be visited during a guided tour of our premises.