Culinary delights

Fresh cuisine

In our boarding school kitchen we always cook fresh. If possible, the ingredients come from the surrounding area and there is always vegetarian food to choose from. Since we have our own modern kitchen with dining room at the Schloss-Schule and the food is freshly prepared every day, it is possible for our kitchen team to respond to individual wishes, diets, allergies and intolerances.

"Food and drink keep body and soul together." - We at the Schloss-Schule also know how to heed this old German proverb.

Boarding school with three main meals and two additional meals

The three main meals are complemented by a second breakfast during the big break and the afternoon coffee, where of course there is also tea and cocoa.

At lunch, there is a fixed seating arrangement and compulsory attendance for all our students at the boarding. A fixed sequence ritual ensures order during the meal, which always consists of a large and fresh salad buffet, a main course with and without meat and a dessert.

At this joint lunch, our educators sit together with their groups. You gain an overview, e.B. of the sick, can remind you of appointments and also fine-tune the table manners a bit. "Announcements" at the end of the meal ensure that important information "reaches" all students.

Housekeeping Manager Angelika Siebert:

A family atmosphere is very important to us, so we always seek exchange with the students. Our goal is to pamper "our children" and do something good for them. When we make our students smile and see their smiling faces at dinner, we are satisfied.

Current weekly menu




Food is a need, enjoyment is an art

François VI Duc de La Rochefoucauld

Boarding school food special: the formal dinner

A special feature are the so-called "formal dinners", which take place about four times a year. Everyone goes to this evening event dressed festively and there is a special 3-course menu - together with the whole boarding. This takes place, for example, as part of a Thanksgiving dinner with turkey and sweet potatoes or as a Chinese New Year with various Chinese dishes.

A healthy diet is important - that's why we always have enough fruit, also to take away for the students, and vegetables. We teach our students the need to take care of themselves, the world and the health of all in everything we do and therefore attach great importance to teaching them values such as sustainability and regionality.

According to the motto "The eye eats with", our video "Enjoyment" provides a first delicious impression of the food that we have to eat. Interested families are always invited to a rehearsal dinner at a lunchtime.