Weekend & holiday program in the boarding in Baden-Württemberg

Colorful and varied program on the weekends of the Schloss-Schule

On the boarding school weekends, which take place every two weeks, we offer a varied program for our boarding students with excursions, various actions and activities. The program items on the weekend are worked out and offered by the boarding school mentors on duty. There is never the same program, but very different offers from which our students can choose according to their own interests.

Since we also have international children and young people with us, our boarding school is in principle also open on all weekends. These students have access to childcare and various leisure activities every weekend.

The group evening on Friday – something special at our boarding school

On Friday of the boarding school weekends, the group evening takes place. This evening is always something special, because here the reference mentors do something interesting with their protégés, which was previously considered together with the students. This can, for example,

  • a trip to the trampoline hall
  • karting together
  • Bowling
  • Grill stick bread over the campfire
  • a torchlight hike
  • go to the cinema
  • to eat out
  • or any other interesting action.

Opportunities on the grounds of our boarding school and beyond

For leisure activities on the weekends, our C-House is located on our school and boarding school grounds with

  • foosball table
  • billiard table
  • air hockey
  • Sauna and weight room

and also ours

  • Sports hall and sports fields
  • a climbing forest and a climbing wall
  • the group rooms and group kitchens

Available. In the surroundings of our boarding Baden-Württemberg, there are also plenty of opportunities to organize your free time - not only - on weekends.

Internatsgymnasium Schloss-Schule: also there for the international students during the holidays

For our international students, our boarding is also open during the holidays (autumn, carnival, Easter and Whitsun holidays). Only during the Christmas and summer holidays our boarding Gymnasium is closed. The regular care and care continues during the holidays in which we are open and during this time an extra program takes place by our supervisors. These can be, for example, trips to Munich, Heidelberg, Frankfurt or other interesting and entertaining activities.

contribute yourself

When it comes to leisure activities at the weekend or during the holidays, our children and young people are welcome to get involved, make suggestions and wish for promotions / excursions. Here there are no limits to the imagination, only financial. Our mentors always have an open ear and are happy about the participation of their students.