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Alexander Franz


Alexander Franz

Dear families, dear students,

my name is Alexander Franz and I have been headmaster at the Schloss-Schule in Kirchberg an der Jagst since 2019. I started at our high school in 2014 as deputy headmaster and teacher. I teach the subjects of mathematics, chemistry, computer science and astronomy and would like to introduce myself to you briefly: I already had the desire to become a teacher in my school days from grade 10. Interestingly, an educator in kindergarten always told me that I would one day become a teacher, she should be right! When I was still at school, I was always happy to help other students explain lesson content. This gave me so much fun that I decided to become a teacher.

I studied teaching grammar schools for mathematics, chemistry and astronomy at the Technical University in Dresden. There I also took the diploma in the field of mathematics, as my career goal at that time also developed in the direction of university teaching.

I completed my legal clerkship at the school of my own school days in Plauen and was again infected with the "school virus", so that at the latest at this time it was clear to me to become active in the school service.

In my first years of work at the Gymnasium Friedrich II in Lorch, I quickly developed an interest in school as an organization as a whole and so the desire to not only teach, but to be able to actively shape school grew very quickly. Therefore, I decided to take part in the nationwide training courses for school managers in order to prepare myself for my future tasks and thus to get closer to my goal of becoming a good headmaster.

The task of the headmaster here at the Gymnasium Schloss-Schule Kirchberg inspires me for very different reasons. On the one hand, I am a person who is always looking for a new challenge - this is important to me personally and drives me. On the other hand, it is the diversity of the field of activity "School + boarding" and the associated pedagogical development opportunities that we have for the students.

The advantage with us as a private school is also e.B. in the fact that we have completely different possibilities to finance things quickly on short distances, should something be necessary. This has brought us a long way forward, especially in the field of digitization.

It is very important to keep up with the times, to develop school, not to have a standstill and always to get the best out of the circumstances for the children. Therefore, I see my work as an everlasting search for new ideas in order to at least approach the "optimal school", which of course does not exist.

It is very important to me that all measures, not only out of ideology, but that the focus is always on the students and how we can support them in the best possible way. Taking children and young people seriously with all their concerns and also perceiving them individually as human beings is the top credo. For this to succeed, a relationship culture is needed that consists of openness, appreciation, trust and mutual respect – a feel-good atmosphere usually sets in by itself due to our good infrastructure. Regular contact with and good accessibility for parents are also particularly important to me. I see this as our great strength in us, the Schloss-Schule Kirchberg!

Constanze Lucht

assistant principal

Dear families, dear students,

my name is Constanze Lucht and have been assistant principal at the Schloss-Schule Kirchberg since 2020. I started here in 2016 as a teacher-educator and teach the subjects Community Studies, Geography, History and Economics/WBS.

Growing up in the Southern Upper Rhine region, I moved to Heidelberg for my studies. Here I studied geography, political science and history at the University of Heidelberg.

I spent two semesters of my studies as part of the ERASMUS exchange program at the University of Wrocław in Poland. I finally completed my teacher training traineeship at the Heilbronn Seminary.

In addition to the philosophy of the Schloss-Schule, which attaches great importance to the potential and individuality of its students, the internationality of our school was another reason for applying here a few years ago.

I see the fact that the school concept is continuously measured and further developed against current social developments as a particular strength of our school.