Nature & Animals at the Schloss-Schule

In the boarding in Baden-Württemberg: Local recreation on your own doorstep

With friends to the nearest lake or to relax or with friends out into nature for sports – in the surroundings of Kirchberg there are many possibilities for exciting and varied leisure activities.

Our school is located on the outskirts of the town of Kirchberg, surrounded by nature, surrounded by meadows and forests. Whether our students prefer to go for a walk, hike, fish, cycle or "mountain biking" in the forest, all this is possible from our front door.

Animals & Animal Education in the boarding Gymnasium

Our animal castle school team includes two dogs, four horses and a pond with fish on our school grounds. The grassy areas of our castle school grounds are repeatedly used by NABU for their sheep. As part of our NABU working group, our students also have the opportunity to actively participate, be it sheep shearing, moving the sheep, building nest boxes, etc. At this point, too, it is important to learn to take responsibility !

Our animal pedagogical approach in the boarding Gymnasium has also proven to be very successful. The direct, honest and relaxed feedback from the animals enables our children and young people to have experiences that can also help them decisively when interacting with humans. On the one hand, the unprejudiced trust of the animals strengthens our students and creates valuable emotional bridges. On the other hand, the animals also demand clear decisions – discussion or evasion are not possible. All this is very good for children and adolescents and helps to strengthen their cognitive and social potential and to better cope with individual problems.

In fact, it has been shown that even direct, repeated contact with our eight horses and three therapy dogs can provide valuable impulses for goal-oriented development. The results are even more positive if, with pedagogical assistance from suitable specialists, they regularly "worked" with the horses and (voluntarily!) Stable work Responsibility for the animals is taken!

In addition, we have a comprehensive range of equestrian sports with targeted lessons in dressage, jumping, eventing and off-road riding and offer all the possibilities of an equestrian sport boarding.

The commitment to the animals is voluntary. There is no need to worry about animal- or dog-fearing students.