German study at a German boarding school

Learn German for school without previous knowledge on site

For young people from 13 to 18 years. THIS is what we offer:

  • Linguistic, academic and cultural preparation for school attendance in Germany
  • No previous knowledge of German necessary
  • If you already have language skills, it is also possible to start during the year
  • On-site offer – in the beautiful southwest of Germany
  • Accommodation, care and all-round care in German boarding
  • Extensive leisure programme, excursions and weekend activities
  • Contact with German and international students
  • After the course, no change of location is necessary for the school entry (in the Gymnasium)!
  • Total duration of the complete course: 1 school year (start in September; end in July)
  • Close link between school and language course

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Learn German AND successfully grow into German culture!

The special feature of our language course concept is that the highly professional and individual language course not only takes place in the rooms of our renowned boarding school – but is also designed in such a way that the language students are successively (with growing language skills to an ever greater extent) integrated into the "normal" German-language school life of the students of the boarding school. In order to make it possible to get to know each other at school right from the start of the introductory phase, the language students already take part in subjects such as sports or English at the start of the language course. The practical school preparation is thus perfectly tailored to the later requirements and at the same time guarantees optimal support by getting to know the individual course participants early!

Because the language students are also accommodated and cared for in the boarding and participate in all school and leisure activities, it is possible to establish valuable contacts with German students, teachers and supervisors as well as with German culture and everyday Life in a very natural way. Because there is also no need to change locations for other language courses, it is made particularly easy for the language students in several respects to switch to the German Gymnasium after completing the language course and to complete the German Abitur there.

Professional language course – only specialist staff

This German course for international young people from about 13 – 18 years has it all! Because with full participation, language students not only reach the language level B2, but also benefit from an optimal all-round preparation for school attendance.

  • Teaching exclusively by qualified subject teachers
  • Approx. 30 lessons per week
  • Plus around 7.5 hours of supervised learning time per week
  • (Total) course duration: one academic year with around 35-36 weeks of instruction
  • Entry into previous language skills possible during the year
  • With growing language skills, steadily increasing participation in regular (year-appropriate) German school lessons

Learn German at one of the most renowned boarding schools in Germany

Our boarding school Schloss-Schule Kirchberg an der Jagst is considered one of the most renowned boarding schools in Germany. It was founded in 1914 and is located in the German state of Baden-Württemberg in the scenic, cultural and economically particularly attractive southwest of Germany.

The tranquil and historically significant village of Kirchberg with its magnificent castle and the picturesque streets and squares of the old town is located in the picturesque Jagst Valley and offers extremely attractive leisure opportunities. In addition, the cities and excursion destinations of southern Germany are easy to reach from Kirchberg (in the immediate vicinity are the smaller cities of Crailsheim and Schwäbisch Hall; about 1 – 2 hours drive away are larger cities such as Stuttgart, Nuremberg, Heidelberg, Frankfurt and Munich).

In addition to our first-class educational offer and the intensive support of each student, our boarding is characterized above all by the above-average quality of equipment and the wide range of activities.

Again and again our in-house kitchen (we cook ourselves – with fresh ingredients from the immediate vicinity) as well as the quality of the food offered are also highly praised. Allergies, intolerances and special diets are gladly taken into account!

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The German language opens up attractive opportunities!

Those who master German and have a German university degree have the best chances of a happy and successful future in Germany and beyond!

Because German university graduates are also internationally sought after and the education at a German grammar school and at German universities enjoys the highest reputation.

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