boarding with Gymnasium and Realschule offer

Als Realschüler starten und über das Aufbaugymnasium-Angebot mit Fachhochschulreife oder Abitur abschließen

Genau das ist an der Schloss-Schule Kirchberg möglich!

Gymnasium or Realschule? Every child is different. Why no school career can (nor should) resemble the other. That is exactly why we from the state-approved Gymnasium and boarding Schloss-Schule Kirchberg have already some time ago (partly) together with our cooperation partner, the August-Ludwig-Schlözer-Schule, located right next door, three extremely interesting offers for secondary school students of different ages. These offer students the specific opportunity to develop optimally in a real feel-good climate and with comprehensive support - adapted to the changing individual inclinations and abilities.

This makes it possible to complete an exactly "suitable" school career, to benefit from the advantages of one of the most renowned boarding schools in Baden-Württemberg and finally to start adult life with a tailor-made degree!

We have three schooling alternatives, in which your child is always accommodated and cared for in the boarding of the Schloss-Schule:

  1. Start in our cooperation secondary school and graduate there
  2. Start in our cooperation secondary school and transfer to the Schloss-Schul-Gymnasium at an early stage
  3. After graduating from secondary school at the cooperating Realschule or from another Realschule/Mittelschule or with a comparable degree, switch to the SK (10+) and acquire a Fachhochschulreife or Abitur there

Schloss-Schule: boarding in Baden Württemberg plus Realschule

In principle, it is already possible from primary school (from grade 3) to attend the Schloss-Schul-boarding. From the fifth grade, we offer every child the opportunity to choose the right type of school for him. To this end, we have been working together with the neighbouring August-Ludwig-Schlözer-Schule for years. Here there are both primary school classes, as well as secondary Werkreal- and Realschulklassen.

Master the secondary school certificate together with the Schloss-Schule!

Individual care and assistance are upheld at the boarding of the Schloss-Schule! Together with the young people, school goals such as the Realschulabschluss are successfully completed step by step. This is achieved with individual support and care.

School and extracurricular support

(Close contact with cooperating secondary school, homework support)

Of course, the secondary school students benefit just as much as the high school students from the offers of our boarding school. In this way, the children receive help from our expert supervisors in case of school problems - they can also take advantage of all extracurricular support. We support every child and every young person in their talents and promote their potential – be they musical, sporting, linguistic, technical, scientific or mathematical. All according to our reform pedagogical approach to living, learning and working.

High school diploma

For secondary school students who would like to complete the Abitur after the intermediate maturity (or a comparable degree), we offer our special form of a secondary school from the Schloss-Schule Kirchberg. To this end, we have developed the 10+ program in order to jointly achieve the goal of "Abitur".

The students of the Aufbaugymnasium come to our school with different educational backgrounds. In class 10+, they prepare together for the course level. For this purpose, technical educational content is bundled and conveyed in a comprehensible way. In order to motivate the young people, the teaching and learning methods are geared towards self-responsible action and learning.

Who is 10+ for?

  • For pupils with an intermediate secondary school leaving certificate
  • International students who want to take the German Abitur
  • High school students in the 9th or 10th grade
  • career changer

Why 10+?

  • We prepare all students - regardless of their educational background - in detail for the course level in order to achieve the educational goal of the Abitur together.
  • In class 10+, we take the time to support the students individually. The young people learn independence, motivation, self-management and group inclusion.
  • Subject content is bundled and conveyed in a more manageable way by the teachers - without compromising on the level!

What is special about 10+?

  • Basic knowledge of the intermediate level is repeated in a targeted manner and the number of hours of the main subjects German, mathematics and English is increased.
  • Die aktive Mitgestaltung der Lernumgebung und die regelmäßige Überprüfung des Lernverhaltens in der Klasse 10+ fördert die Selbstverantwortlichkeit des Handelns, die in der Kursstufe wesentliche Bedeutung erlangt.
  • Each student takes part in a one-week social internship in order to sharpen their eye for social issues and also to reflect on their own life situation.

Of course, students benefit from the advantages of the Schloss-Schul-Boarding School in all three cases. We support each individual on the way to a successful conclusion and a fulfilled adult life!